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Our Service

We are flexible to provide customized solutions at affordable development cost. We work with customers to down cost a product by full customization. Customers can have their own parts at close to wafer cost. Modifying an existing model to satisfy customer’s need is welcome by our company as we target middle and small size markets while we remain competitive in cost.
We have a resource of over 20 experienced LSI’s designers in different countries with proven experience in COB type of LCD. They are specialized in high voltage CMOS circuit which is needed in high duty LCD drivers.

We emphasize technical service and always provide on-site service to help customer during the design-in and testing stage of our products. Other than the application of our LSI’s, we are able to provide advice to customer to improve their products design in order to be enhance product performance and reduce cost by integrating components into the LSI.

Professional field application support is provided from the stage of design-in to mass production.
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