New Dawn (Hong Kong) Ltd
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New Dawn (Hong Kong) Ltd. was established in September 2001.  We have provided products and services to renowned world class companies like Panasonic, Seiko Instrument, Varitronix, CCT Telecommunications and Vtech Telecommunications.

Millions of parts are sold for our product line of over 10 models. 

2001 September Establishment of New Dawn Hong Kong Ltd. with SA3086, SA3614, SA3615, SA3160, SA3162, SA3070 as first generation products.

2003 Obtained approval of Panasonic for SA3070

2005  Successfully entered electronic dictionary market in China and USA and became the supplier of China and USA's largest electronic dictionay manufacturers.

2005  Developed 2nd generation products SA3128, SA8838, SA8016, SA3086D

2006  Officially represented Rockworks LCD drivers

2007  Launched new products SA3128, SA8838, SA8016, SA3086D

2008  Succeeded in introducing Rockworks LCD drivers to Hong Kong and China's first tier world class LCD module manufacturers
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